Can Regular Ativan Be Taken Sublingually Ativan And Withdrawal?

Ativan and Withdrawal? - can regular ativan be taken sublingually

I just wanted your opinion before you know my doctor next week. I'm scared and my doc. prescribed Ativan 5 mg sublingually (under the tongue for immed. Effect), if I have an anxiety attack. I am not in the reg. basic, since I have taken when an attack once per week. I have a pres. 30 tablets in late July and with 11 in total since then, as you see, I am a regular user. I realize now, if I had one or two days after my anxiety attack, I am suddenly very dizzy, I can not sleep because of dizziness and I'm constantly moving my fear and nauseaus unwell. Is this withdrawal? I just wanted your opinion that I feel worse now know as before, and I'm eager to stop the med. as DDo you now how do I remove it, if I use the lowest dose. Thanks for the help!


kagato23 said...

I recommend that you consult your physician or other medical professional before taking into account the differences, but if it sounds as if the cure for your problem is worse than the fear of attacks themselves! You can not consider a route as a non-medical treatment, rather than continue to take powerful psychotropic drugs (I personally am a little cautious that the effects of natural workings of the brain as much).

Having said this, I would be your doctor, and you should seriously consider the drug itself completely, she's still an education of health professionals to correct through weaning.

pkingman... said...

You are a nurse, did not meet with drugs? They should know better. His answer is yes, because the BDZ withdrawal. Lorazepam is a benzodiazepines and should be deleted. They should develop a strategy to ensure that you do not miss any doses. Take one pill at the same time every day. Perhaps with breakfast. If you want to stop, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about a candle. There are some partial agonist (midazolam) and antagonist (Flumanezil), which may help. There are medications for anxiety that does not cause withdrawal. Have you tried any type of behavioral therapy? So ask your doctor or pharmacist about products BDZ-release tablets or quality of products, which for too long from withdrawal symptoms.
To the person who wrote"It seems addicted to note that the withdrawal and addiction are two completely different things. The revocation is based on a common receptor interaction, as a right to participate into the curve of the dose-response, drug addiction is a desire to continue to with positive experiences of drug use.

TX Mom said...

That sounds like withdrawal symptoms, but not enough to be dependent. I'd rather see it as an obligation. For example, Benadryl, to help you sleep, but when you wake up, you have a lack of energy for approximately 8 hours.

I would ask your doctor. about this because I klonipin without slipping. I am a headache when it's time to take it, but only because I drink too regularly.

Take care.
No expert

carmenPI said...

Hey there,

Xanax I use the same way. I am also a doctor. I do not think it is likely that you meet the withdrawal of the application to be rare. It is not used to really retire ... If they are successful, could only after the effects of drugs?

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